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Dr. Corrie Amos


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Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the US, disproportionately impacting black Americans by more than 30%, and according to the American Heart Association, approximately 80% of it is preventable.


As an anesthesiologist, Dr. Corrie witnessed first hand the effects of these disproportionate health outcomes in her daily schedule of surgical operations, and while she found her career fulfilling, she desired to step out from behind the surgical drapes and impact her community in mass. 

The Spice Theory is an artful expression of Caribbean-inspired cuisine through the lens of Lifestyle Medicine, an evidence-based behavioral approach to prevent, treat, and manage chronic
conditions like cardiovascular disease. Offering a premium line of low sodium spice blends with unique flavor profiles, each spice blend is given a moniker rooted in the lyrical subculture of reggae and dancehall music. 


 Breaking bread is the perfect avenue for informal discourse and learning, and The Spice Theory reflects this premise. I hope to continue my
Black food culture highly influences
American food culture, and Dr. Corrie aims to be at the helm of telling that story, using her grandmother’s traditions of inspiring 
people through food, and sharing her knowledge of what is good for body and soul.


Their tagline is

“Good Health. Great Flavor”.

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