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Slow down a touch. Let the products in our Wellness Box help.


Our Quarterly Box contains: 


:: Healthy (and tasty!) Snacks

:: A Crafted Tea Blend to either Energize or Calm

:: A Tasty Drink Chock full of Adaptogens

:: A Mug with a touch of Grace & a hint of Gratitude

:: A Beautiful Journal to Get in Touch with your Health


Each item in our box is a full sized product. Each individual product is of various sizes. Most products in the box can be enjoyed multiple times.


Items in the box may vary.


Sign up for a quarterly subscription and try a new touch of wellness every quarter!

The Wellness Box

PriceFrom $33.25
Excluding Sales Tax
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One-time purchase
Quarterly Wellness
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$33.25every 3 months until canceled