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Get your snack on without having to stop at the gift shop before your flight!


Our Quarterly Box contains a collection of dope snacks and bites for you to enjoy, whether you're flying out or going on a road trip, including but not limited to: 


  • Alcohol infused popcorn 
  • Stuffed gourmet cookies
  • Adaptogenic snacks
  • Unique chips 
  • And more!


Specific items in the box may vary based on availability.


Sign up for a quarterly subscription and try a new set of dope snacks for your flight every quarter!


Each item in our box is a full-sized product. While each individual product is of various sizes, the box as a whole is good for up to three short trips, or serves up to 2 people.

The Catching Flights Box

PriceFrom $38.00
Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
$38.00every 3 months until canceled

    Please refer to each individual item in your box for specific care instructions. 


    Returns will be accepted within 30 days with proof of damage or missing products. Please email for additional details. 

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