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Candace Brown



The concept of Grace & Gratitude stems from Candace's love for high-quality tea, holistic wellness, and cultivating new connections. She is a firm believer that overall wellness can start with a cup of tea.


As a working wife and mom, teatime serves as Candace's "me time". It’s one of the simplest ways that she routinely practices self-care. In the morning, it’s her time to pray, meditate, and set  intentions for the day. In the evening before bed, it’s her time to decompress, give thanks, and plan for the next day.


Grace & Gratitude Teas are a black-owned, woman-owned, and mom-owned small business. They create unique and delicious tea blends and hand-blend them in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency, and overall satisfaction. They are also intentional about giving back to the community by supporting the causes they love. 

For Candace and her team, their customers and supporters are a part of their Sunday Grace community. They love inspiring their community to give themselves and others grace, live with gratitude, and take a moment for themselves.

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